A Wall of Nos (2019)

A Wall of Nos was shown as part of Barriers to Entry,  a joint exhibition with Chloe Bensahel (French, US based), exhibited at Kings Artist-Run, Melbourne. The project includes 30 textile wall hangings with the word ‘No’ hand embroidered. Each hanging represents the experience of one individual.   Anonymous ‘Stories of no’ were sourced from the community via social media.  Read them here: http://www.kingsartistrun.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/wall-of-nos-submissions.pdf

“Challenging authority can begin by using your voice to speak out, by refusing to accept the status quo or by asking for more. Dowling’s work A Wall of Nos combines multiple voices with her own to consider the psychological and emotional demands of saying no. There is a feminist critique here in how women are typically socialised to be agreeable and compliant, and are often told being ‘nice’ is more important than being assertive.”                                     – excerpt from exhibition essay by Curator Sophia Cai.

Amelia Dowling, A Wall of Nos, 2019, cotton, hand embroidery, wooden dowel, various sizes, exhibited at Kings Artist-Run, Melbourne, photography by Jenny Lee.