FIBRE (2019)

From the ritual and repetition guided by the hand, the needle and the machine comes the power of cloth as a storytelling tool. Where single strands are woven together to make a whole – every fibre of your being and of histories past, translate to textile.
FIBRE is an exhibition showcasing the creations of craftspeople currently working in textile-based practises, or experimenting with unconventional materials in order to mimic or pay homage to cloth. Showing at Brunswick St Gallery, 4-22 Dec 2019.

Exhibition featuring works by: Amelia Dowling, Anni Hagberg, Anzara Clark, Avrille Burrows, Carla Adams, Char, Charmaine Kvalic, Dana Falcini, Emily Amaryllis, Emma Horvat, Emma Peters, Evangeline Clark, Helani Laisk, Jem Olsen, Jemma Cakebread, Juliet D Collins, Kiaya Lee, Kirsten Ingemar, Korina Leoncio, Ina Vergara (MIV Studio), Marley Myles, Nyssa McCullough, Philomena Hali, Rebecca Wolske, Ritika Skand Vohra, Robyn Stickland, Rose Kulak, Rute Chaves, Tara Glastonbury and Ying Chew. Photos courtesy of Brunswick St Gallery.